Analysis of Solid Metal Samples


Metal Analysis Using the Entry-level SPECTRO xSORT Alloy Handheld XRF

Explore the capabilities of the SPECTRO xSORT Alloy Handheld XRF with our latest application report. Our cutting-edge sample excitation technology ensures rapid measuring times and exceptional sample throughput. Additionally, our state-of-the-art Si PIN diode detector technology delivers reliable signal throughput and efficient resolution, enabling precise analytical results.

Effortlessly conduct reliable analyses with the SPECTRO xSORT Alloy. With a single measurement taking only seconds for elements Z ≥ 21, efficiency is guaranteed.

Equipped with the powerful XRF Analyzer Mobile operating software, the SPECTRO xSORT Alloy provides an intuitive user experience. Paired with responsive "Industrial Android" modules, it offers seamless touch operation, robust security features, swift access, and compatibility with Windows PCs. Embark on the future of analysis with the SPECTRO xSORT Alloy.

Learn more in this compelling application report.