Screening and Quantification For Heavy Metals In Cosmetics Using ED-XRF


Verification of duplex steels by its nitrogen content

SPECTROTEST, the flagship mobile metal analyzer from SPECTRO Analytical Instruments, is the ideal instrument for onsite quality control. It helps prevent grade mix-ups of incoming materials on the production floor, at the shipping dock, or in the welding shop.

A critical task: onsite identification of duplex steels – but not for SPECTROTEST.

SPECTROTEST has the ability to accurately identify duplex steel grades onsite, to differentiate them from other stainless steels and to verify the grade specifications — by measuring their content of alloyed nitrogen. That’s something that handheld instruments, or even other portable and mobile spectrometers just can’t do.

Based on advantages such as an optical system with high stability, plus the widest wavelength range in its class (174 nanometers to 670 nanometers), SPECTROTEST performs this difficult identification with ease: in just 10 s . It also offers shortest measuring times starting at 2 seconds in arc mode, and 5 seconds in spark mode with argon atmosphere. This high-productivity throughput is critical when large numbers of samples must be tested.



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